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these words [a study in lying]

*in development*​

Kevin Doyle -- primary artist and researcher.

"these words [a study in lying]" is an attempt to trace the impact of advertising in public spaces upon the physical body, as opposed to just the mind. How can that process be traced and how can it be manifested in performance? Can a choreography be created to depict this impact? Can this negotiation between the senders and receivers of advertising be traced via physicality, gesture, and dance? Where does the external expectations of advertising end, and where does the internal awareness of a private individual begin? Does the individual still choose who she or he wishes to become? Are we merely operating within frames of reference that have dictated for us and established for us in advance? Can this negotiation be depicted physically -- either upon the body via projections of films or images -- or via the body within a system of choreography? How would this negotiation and tension be depicted and communicated during a performance before a live audience?

How is the body affected by commercial usage? Is it a chemical or neurological process that can be traced by a doctor or tracked be an advertiser? When we are so accustomed to the language of manipulation, and commercials become smarter by using more of our physical/perceptual unawareness to project and implant messages -- what is the long-term or short-term effect upon the human body? How does advertising direct our movements, our physical and mental spaces, on an individual basis?


This project is an evolution from initial research first undertaken at Danscentrum Syd in Malmö, Sweden with the Swedish choreographer, Kajsa Sandström (P.A.R.T.S.).

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