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Kevin Doyle - artist.

First iteration - Sentinels I


PLAYA. Artist Residency Program. Summer Lake, Oregon. April 2014.

Temporary land art installation + film (7:30).

"sentinels" is both a filmed, durational performance and an impermanent work of land art created at Summer Lake, Oregon while a resident at PLAYA in 2014. Created by hand with a series of 6-8 wood pylons that washed up on the shore during my residency. Summer Lake is one of only twelve alkaline lakes in North America. This project bears the sub-title: for the fathers.

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Second iteration - Sentinels II

The Saari Residence. Kone Foundation. Mynämäki, Finland. April 2019.

Temporary land art installation.

Five years later, I was working on the coast of Finland, adjacent to Mietoinen Bay and a neighboring forest. Throughout the course of a harsh winter, dozens of branches had naturally fallen off from trees -- each with their own distinct shapes and patterns on the bark. The frozen ground near the shoreline had begun to thaw. They seemed like a good place for the branches. 

Photo credits: Kevin Doyle.

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