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TROPISMES Reading Series at JACK in Brooklyn, NY. ​*staged reading* - March 12, 2013.

Sauda Jackson -- actor.

Eric Magnus -- actor.

Michael Renna -- actor.

Rachel Richman -- actor.
Kevin Doyle -- Director, dramaturgy and adaptation.

Presented as part of the TROPISMES Reading Series that was held at JACK in Brooklyn from 2012-2013. The classic (and rarely performed) absurdist play THE EMPIRE BUILDERS by the late French poet, musician, and playwright Boris Vian -- was adapted into an American context. The French general who serves as the patriarch of the family was transposed to an American Commander-in-Chief supervising a fading empire encroached upon my the mysterious schmurz. The British English references were eliminated and adapted to a contemporary American, consumerist vocabulary; one that reflects recent American military engagements around the world since 9/11.

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