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"11 september 2001" by Michel Vinaver

The Medicine Show Theatre. New York, NY.

​*staged reading* - October 7, 2003.

Varick Boyd -- actor

Liza Bryn -- actor

Carlos Caldart -- actor

Nicole Colbert -- actor

Sarah Flanagan -- actor

Jay Nickerson -- actor

Brian Pickett -- actor

Shoshana Polanco -- actor

Steve Shakewell -- actor

Ian Wen -- actor

Kevin Doyle -- director.

The first American performance of "11 september 2001" by the French dramatist, Michel Vinaver, was performed by a combination of Brooklyn College students and New York residents (non-professional actors). It was presented for free admission in a staged reading / performance setting on the mainstage of the Medicine Show Theatre. Kevin Doyle was first exposed to the work of Michel Vinaver while a student of Philippa Wehle at SUNY-Purchase. Doyle's father was a 9/11 survivor and was compelled to present a reading in New York City, after having read the bilingual published version during the Summer 2003. The audience was comprised of New York residents and several 9/11 survivors, including Doyle's father. At the request of Vinaver's publisher, Kevin Doyle was required to write a summary and report of the performance to Michel Vinaver. This initiated a 15+ year correspondence between Vinaver and Doyle concerning playwriting that continues to this day.

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