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Written, Designed and Directed by Kevin Doyle
The Ontological Theatre
 - *world premiere* - July 2009 - New York, NY
The Other Forces Festival - January 2010 - New York, NY

Featuring Mike Carlsen, Mayra Castro, Keith Jamal Downing, Sauda Jackson, Natalie Kim, and Sarah Stephens
Set Design & Lighting Design by Brendan Regimbal
Video & Sound Design by Kevin Doyle
Board Operator - Peter Mills Weiss
Technical Director - Brendan Regimbal



Behind The Bullseye is a work of interdisciplinary theatre written, directed and designed by Kevin Doyle. Behind The Bullseye fuses elements of journalism, film, music and installation art to examine the shopping habits of Brooklyn residents from diverse ethnic and class backgrounds. The international ensemble consisted of actors Sarah Stephens, Mike Carlsen, Sauda Jackson, Keith Jamal Downing, Mayra Castro (Chile) and Natalie Kim (South Korea). Live on-stage camera usage and pre-recorded film segments (shot and edited by Doyle) are employed within a functional “installation art” set design by technical director Brendan Regimbal.

The Target store at Atlantic Terminal Mall in Brooklyn is chosen as a focal point to explore what lies beneath our collective shopping experience. The process of how we are able to buy what we want when we want is deconstructed from origin points in foreign lands -- to distribution networks and aisle by aisle arrangement decisions -- to the final moment of purchase by the consumer. The original text by Kevin Doyle is structured as a series of revolving monologues that with each cycle devolve deeper and deeper into the unconscious desires and fears of employee and consumer alike. These revolving cycles ultimately evolve into an orgiastic ritual around the construction on stage of an actual altar of consumer goods. The actors descend into a bizarre litany of consumer phrases as this ritual unfolds to an original sound score designed by Doyle -- derived from actual Target ads broadcast on American television networks.


The project was developed with support from the Puffin Foundation, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts,  the East End Arts Council, a Swing Space residency at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and a writing residency at the MacDowell Colony. The world premiere was presented at the Ontological Theater at St. Mark’s Church in New York City from July 1-11, 2009. Produced in association with Ontological INCUBATOR, the production was revived in January 2010 as part of their inaugural Other Forces Festival.

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