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" not from canada "

"not from canada" premiered at the Monty Kultuurfaktorij in Antwerp, Belgium after a three week residency during April 2013.

Featuring actors Caitlin Bebb, Mayra Castro, Boris Van den Eynden, Rember Lutz, Eric Magnus, Boris van Severen and April Shannon Sweeney.

Film by Mayra Castro & Kevin Doyle.
Lighting Design by Wouter Dupon.

Written & Directed by Kevin Doyle.

Three “unusually white” people find themselves seated in a restaurant, with no memory of their arrival -- or of each other. A waiter enters to bring them water, but never says a word -- and never takes their order. To pass the time, each diner relates strange tales about themselves and their recent purchases. As their hunger and desperation grow, characters from their stories appear in the restaurant -- with hilarious and sinister results.

The play was written on a hilltop outside of Québec City.

"not from canada" featured the invention of an absurdly repetitious approach to dramatic structure and characters speaking patterns.




"not from canada" was written for and dedicated to the actress, Keri Meoni.

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