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"Charged Landscapes: Reflections on Performing Landscapes"  [DK] - 2023

Commissioned by METROPOLIS  (København) and BIRCA (Bornholm) in Denmark, Doyle authored a comprehensive review and essay describing his experiences attending the 13-hour long"Performing Landscapes Bornholm - Klippekroppe" program presented as part of the 2023 Bornholms Kulturuge Festival. Doyle offers a detailed assessment of each work from the seven participating artists based in Denmark -- Ilon Lodewijks, Dorte Bjerre Jensen, Lene Degett, Ben Woodhams, Peter Vadim, Katinka Wissing, and Manon Duquesnay -- while also making an urgent case for the greater role site-specific performance can play to interrupt the incessant and dominant stream of digital "placeholder" culture (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook).

In gratitude to Susanne Danig, founder and director at Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists.

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