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Americans N' Indians

2011 Ice Factory Festival at 3LD Art & Technology Center. July 22-25, 2011. *premiere*

Matthieu Sys -- Co-playwright, concept, and actor.

Yahya Terrin -- Co-playwright, concept.

Boris Van Severen -- Actor.
Kevin Doyle -- Director and dramaturgy.

The production depicts a self-deprecating Businessman (Tom) -- played by Matthieu Sys -- and his humble Native American employee (Joe) -- played by Boris Van Severen -- as Tom expounds on his bizarre theories of masculinity, friendship, and doing business in the United States as opposed to Europe.

Sys and Terrin wrote the text together and then developed the project in Gent, Belgium in collaboration with Boris Van Severen. Sys and Van Severen then flew to New York for rehearsals directed by Kevin Doyle prior to the project’s world premiere at Soho Think Tank’s 2011 Ice Factory Festival; held that year at the 3LD Art & Technology Center in Lower Manhattan. After a successful run in July 2011, the production then went back to Belgium and was presented at the Het Geit festival. The production had video design by the Belgian duo Robert&Frank Frank&Robert with lighting design by Kate McGee and sound design by Peter Mills Weiss.

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