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"the future will come for everyone"

Temporary installation.

The Saari Residence. Kone Foundation. Mynämäki, Finland. April 2019.

Kevin Doyle -- artist.

There is a managed forest adjacent to the Saari Residence. One day several trees were felled in the woods. It seemed strange and cruel with the final onset of spring and warmer weather to Finland. At the same time, I was working outdoors on a sculpture in a different section of the residence grounds. Each day, when I borrowed tools from the Residency Manager -- I passed a storage area that housed all these old and outdated electronics that were no longer being used by the Kone Foundation. For some reason, they felt like a good fit to the remnants of trees in the nearby forest.


The future will come for everyone is borrowed from a song by the American band The Juan MacLean. 

Photo credit: Kevin Doyle.

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