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Kevin Doyle writes about issues at the intersection of politics and the arts -- often with a focus on cultural exchange, arts criticism, cultural policy, and the role of public funding for the arts. His essays are published in Denmark (Metropolis), Finland (Koneen Saatio), France (Actes du Théâtre), Scotland (Arts & International Affairs), Belgium (10 Years of Slaughter), and since 2016, as a contributing writer for Diggit Magazine at Tilburg University in The Netherlands.

Doyle regularly lectures on issues facing the cultural sector, with appearances at The Public Theater (New York), Vooruit Arts Center (Gent), Theatre Academy at University of the Arts (Helsinki), Åbo Akademi (Turku), the Brademas Center at New York University, the Kone Foundation (Helsinki), Rønne Teater (Denmark), Festival Prvih (Zagreb), Shoni Mongol Atta (Dhaka), and the Arts Front Conference in Brisbane, Australia. He writes travel essays and infrequent reviews of Dance and Theatre on his Tumblr Blog at -- .

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